Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions



How Does Property Styling with Liv Styling Co. work?

We take care of all the furniture and styling elements that will turn your property into a a contemporary, warm and inviting apartment. Every collection has been put together by renowned Melbourne Interior Designer Nina Caple of Mini Living and Real Estate Professional and Property Stylist Bindy Ward. Both have years of experience in real estate, property development and design. Our mission is to ensure that every piece in a package works together to create a decor that is both cohesive and contemporary.

What do you mean by a 'turn-key' pack?

Liv Styling Co. turn-key furniture packs include absolutely everything you need to furnish a property from sofas and beds to pots and pans, white goods and electrical items. We take care of everything from design to delivery, so all you have to do is move in. 

What Is The Typical Cost Of A Furniture Package? 

A 2 bedroom entry furniture package costs $14-18K for everything – all furniture, bedding, art, accessories, brand name electricals and full kitchen and cleaning package, fully installed. When you buy through Liv Styling Co. you will typically get a 15-20% discount off full retail prices.

How does this compare to the rental premium achieved?

Our goal is to add value to your property and bring your empty space to life. Indications from real estate agents are that a professionally styled property brings in 10-20% extra income above other holiday rentals.  A cohesive style reflected in marketing images is likely to attract a greater level of interest from holiday makers in a competitive holiday rental market.

You can also claim tax deductions for the depreciation of your apartment furniture pack in addition to standard items such as carpets, blinds and appliances.  Please seek professional tax advice to maximise tax benefits.

What is a First Light Type 'A' Layout Apartment and  Type 'B' Layout Apartment?

Apartments ending in 01, 03, 04 & 06 are Type A
Apartments ending in 02 & 05 are Type B

Am I still able to order a Liv Styling Co. Pack after the 22nd October, 2016?

Yes you can. However, orders taken after 22nd October, 2016 have a 14-16 week lead time from time of order confirmation and cannot be guaranteed to be delivered by settlement.

Which pack is the most suitable if I intend to holiday let my apartment?

The FIRST LIGHT pack is the mandatory holiday/ short-term rental pack. Moreover, this pack MUST be bought in conjunction with either a Type A or Type B roller blind pack. It is also important to note that the Reed Property Group is offering a $2,000 cash back for FIRST LIGHT pack buyers. Terms and conditions apply.

Do you have dimensions of the furniture in the packs and more detailed specifications?

Yes we do. Please contact us at  if you require spec. sheets for any of our furniture packs. Someone will reply to you within 24 hours.

Are all items in packs covered by warranties?

Liv Styling Co. do not offer product warranties. Where applicable, product manufacturers 12 month warranty is valid from the date of hand over, subject to fair wear and tear, product care and maintenance.
All warranty claims are to be directed initially to Liv Styling Co. A site inspection may be conducted to determine the validity of any claim.
In some cases, the cost of freight is not covered under product replacement and will be the responsibility of yourself as purchaser.
Liv Styling Co. supplies a hand over manual at the completion of each installation which contains all product warranty information and forms where applicable.
It is your responsibility to complete and provide to the manufacturer any warranty cards or documentation required.
Items considered defective by you must be reported to Liv Styling Co. within 7 days of apartment settlement.